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Who we are

Tammy Hughes

Lead Teacher for Kindergarten

Originally from Florida, USA, Tammy has over 30 years of experience as a Waldorf educator and mentor in various settings.

  • Began as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher in New Zealand, ’89 – ’90
  • Ran her own Waldorf kindergarten in Durham, North Carolina, ’94-’04
  • Taught at Highgate House School in Hong Kong, ’06
  • Gave workshops and trainings in Mainland China on Waldorf early education, ’05-’17
  • Mentor and trainer at a Waldorf kindergarten in Shenzhen, ’10-’17
  • Senior teacher and pedagogical mentor at a Waldorf kindergarten in Hong Kong, ’18
  • With IWS since ’19

Kaelly So

Class Teacher at Kindergarten

Kaelly was among the first cohort of locally trained Waldorf early childhood educator.

  • 3-year Hong Kong Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training Program by WECC and RSEFHK, ’16
  • Kindergarten teacher in two Waldorf early childhood settings, ’16 -’19
  • With IWS since ’20

Keya Kamat

Class Teacher for Class I

Keya joined us from the IWTT program.

  • Bachelor of Commerce & Adv Dip in Interior Design, ’99 & ’01
  • English teacher at various public schools in Japan, ’06 – ’08
  • Cache Level 4 Diploma in Steiner Waldorf Early Years Education, ’20
  • Island Waldorf Teacher Training, ’20 – ’23
  • With IWS since ’21

Gabriel Williams

Class Teacher for Class II

Gabriel is a Waldorf graduate and has taught in Waldorf schools for 7 years before joining IWS.

  • Bachelor of Education, ’09
  • Class teacher at the oldest Waldorf school in Africa, ’11 – ’15
  • Class teacher at a Waldorf school located on a farm in South Africa, ’18 – ’19
  • Class teacher at an international school in Kuwait, ’19 – ’20
  • With IWS since ’20

Mala Almeida

Class Teacher for Class III

Mala was a Waldorf parent and has come to us from Mumbai, India, where she previously taught grades 1 to 6 in a large Waldorf school.

  • Completed Steiner Teacher Training in Mumbai, ’05
  • Class teacher at the largest Waldorf school in India, ’05-’08, ’10-12
  • Facilitator at UnTaboo, which provides sex ed to schools and other groups, ’13-18
  • Completed Steiner Advanced Teacher Training, ’15
  • With IWS since ’19

Deepa Ganju

Class Teacher for Class IV

Deepa has over 20 years of teaching experience; the latest 6 were spent shepherding a group of children through grade 1 to 6 as a Waldorf class teacher.

  • Masters degree in English literature, ’95
  • English teacher in primary grades at Delhi NCR public schools, ’96-’10
  • Class teacher at the largest Waldorf school in India, ’11-’17
  • With IWS since ’17

Philip Beaven

Class Teacher for Class V

Philip began his career as a trained eurythmist and went on to become a Waldorf class teacher. He is now running our Teacher Training program in addition to being a Class Teacher.

  • Diploma in Eurythmy, ’75 – ’79
  • Eurythmy, religion, and pottery teacher at a Waldorf school, ’79 – ’83
  • Working in performing arts – eurythmy, dance, acting, puppetry, directing, ’83 – ’03
  • Master of Arts in Advanced Theatre Practice, UK, ’00 – ’01
  • Eurythmy and Theatre teacher at the Academy for Living Movement, Vienna, ’03 – ’08
  • Eurythmy and then class teacher (grades 1 through 8) at the oldest Waldorf school in the UK, ’08 – ’17
  • Director of part time teacher training courses in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Qingdao, ’12 – ’18
  • With IWS since ’18

Cindy Cornish

Class Teacher for Class VI

Cindy has over 20 years of teaching experience and has completed 3 cycles of grade 1 to 7 as a Waldorf class teacher.

  • Teaching Diploma, Centre for Creative Education, ’96
  • Lead / founder teacher of a school situated on a farm outside Cape Town, South Africa, ’98-’13
  • Kindergarten teacher at a Waldorf kindergarten in Hong Kong, ’13-’14
  • Class Teacher/Vice Principal at a Waldorf primary school in Hong Kong, ’14-’21
  • With IWS since ’21

NG Sheung Chi

Subject Teacher, Games & Physical Education

Chi is a Waldorf parent and a registered social worker.

  • Completed 216 hours in Bothmer Movement International’s training program in the UK
  • Games teacher in a Waldorf group in Hong Kong, since ’16
  • Registered social worker
  • With IWS since ’21

CHAN Chorkiu

Subject Teacher, Singing

ChorKiu is an experienced music educator in various educational settings.

  • Bachelor of Music (Composition), HKAPA, ’13
  • Conductor of a primary school orchestra for 11 years
  • Artistic director and coach for the Cheongsong Youth Ensemble, South Korea, ’14 – ’16
  • Appointed Theory Examiner for an internationally recognised music examination association since ’19
  • Chorkiu currently teaches music in 3 local Waldorf schools / groups, focusing on nurturing students’ sense of hearing
  • With IWS since ’21

Flora Yeung

Subject Teacher, Chinese

Flora joined us after working in a kindergarten as a class teacher.

  • Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education Programme, ’16
  • Class teacher at a local kindergarten, ’16 – ’20
  • BEd (ECE) in Leadership and Non-Chinese Speaking Children, ’20
  • Master of Education, ’21
  • With IWS since ’21

Gwen Guo

Subject Teacher, Mandarin

Gwen is an experienced teacher who completed Waldorf teacher trainings.

  • Assistant then lead teacher at a kindergarten in Guangzhou, ’94-’04
  • Assistant teacher at a Waldorf kindergarten in Hong Kong, ’13-’14
  • Certificate of Waldorf Primary Teacher Training Course, Beijing, ’15
  • Waldorf Grade School Teacher Preparation Course, Guangzhou, ’16
  • Certificate in Primary School Mandarin Teaching, Hong Kong, ’18
  • Childhood Chinese Calligraphy & Creativity Teaching Course, Hong Kong, ’19
  • Founding Chinese and arts and crafts teacher at a Waldorf primary school in Hong Kong, ’14-’21
  • BA in Chinese language & literature, Hong Kong, ’21
  • With IWS since ’21

Kayo Ikeda

Subject Teacher, Japanese

Like many Waldorf teachers, Kayo became interested in Waldorf education after her children enrolled in Waldorf schools.

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Economic, Nihon University, ’02
  • Master of Science degree in Finance, the City University of Hong Kong, ’13
  • Participant in teacher training program at Yokohama Steiner School in Japan, since ’19
  • With IWS since ’18

LeAnn Fu

Subject Teacher, Handwork

LeAnn came to learn about Waldorf education as a parent and worked in various Waldorf settings in Hong Kong before joining IWS.

  • Hong Kong Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training Program by WECC and RSEFHK, ’14-’16
  • Early childhood teacher in several Waldorf settings, ’16-’18
  • With IWS since ’18

Outside of school, LeAnn still enjoys doing handcraft.

Mick Yip

Subject Teacher, Woodwork

Mick came across Waldorf education in his research for his creative projects. Sculpting digitally brought him to the art of wood work, which was sculpting tangibly.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media, City University, ’02
  • Creative professional in various advertising agencies and multimedia production houses in China and Hong Kong, ’03 – present
  • Began to make wooden toys for his own children, since ’14
  • Co-founder of Jervoix X, a Hong Kong-based multimedia production and consulting company, since ’19
  • With IWS since ’21

Pinky Lu

Subject Teacher, Chinese

Pinky began tutoring children at an early age. Her ardor for teaching guided her towards pursuing a degree in education. She first joined IWS as a kindergarten teacher and later switched to teaching lower grades Chinese.

  • Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education Programme, ’16
  • Class teacher at a local kindergarten, ’16 – ’19
  • BEd (ECE) in Leadership and Special Needs, ’20
  • With IWS since ’19

Pinky enjoys making craft and experimenting with new recipes in her spare time.

Stephen Lam

Subject Teacher, Instruments

Stephen has over 13 years of professional musical experience as a music educator, conductor, performer, recording musician and artistic director.

  • MA in Music (choral conducting), Hong Kong, ’07
  • Conductor of multiple local school and youth orchestras, since ’08
  • One of the founding members of the Diocesan Alumni Orchestra, TrioIS2 (a flute, violin & piano trio), and Vio.L4.Sing, a Hong Kong based viola quartet
  • Plays viola, violin, mandolin, cello, ukulele, and recorders
  • With IWS since ’18

Venus So

Subject Teacher, Chinese

Venus tutored English for over 8 years before arriving at IWS. Since then, her experience in tailor-making curriculum and her innate passion for the Chinese language motivated her to become a Chinese subject teacher.

  • Bachelor of Arts in English for the Professions, ’13
  • Trinity Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, ’17
  • With IWS since ’18

Venus is also an avid artist who enjoys making pastel pictures and polymer clay miniatures and playing the piano.

Yuntting Sit

Subject Teacher, Games

Yunt Ting is a Spatial Movement teacher and a social & sustainability interior designer.

  • BA (Hons) Interior Design, UK, ’03
  • Completed a 2-year Waldorf early childhood education teacher training in Hong Kong, ’14-’15
  • Certified Bothmer® Movement Teacher; completed 520 hours in 3-year Bothmer® Movement International’s training program in the UK
  • Certified Stretching Exercises Trainer and Qigong Teacher
  • Games and physical education teacher in a Waldorf group in Hong Kong, since ’16
  • Founder of “move on the still” since ’19, promoting spatial movement education to audiences ranging from children to the elderly
  • Currently in Transformation Anthroposophy Architecture and Art Training Program (TAA Program), completed 4 modules totalling 280 hours
  • Currently in Harmonizing Trauma & Stress Disorders in Movement & Art at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar
  • Currently lectures at a part-time interior design degree program
  • With IWS since ’21

Zoran Zovko

Subject Teacher, Eurythmy

Originally from Metković, Croatia, Zoran has worked in Camphill communities and Waldorf schools in a career that spanned the UK, Germany, and Taiwan. Zoran is an accredited curative eurythmy therapist and is deeply experienced in working with families with children with special needs. He is also a trainer in our Teacher Training program.

  • Completed 4-year full time Diploma of Eurythmy program at Peredur Centre for the Arts, UK, ’97
  • Completed 2-year Diploma of Curative Eurythmy program at Peredur Centre for the Arts, UK, ’99
  • Eurythmy teacher and therapist at a Camphill community in Northern Ireland, ’97 – ’00
  • Eurythmy teacher and therapist at a Steiner school in Scotland, ’00 – ’02
  • House leader, therapist, performing art director at a Camphill community in Germany, ’02 – ’09
  • Founded and managed an eco-village / threefold community inspired by anthroposophy in Kenya, ’09 – ’13
  • Eurythmy teacher, therapist, high school humanities teacher at a Waldorf school in Taichung, Taiwan, ’13 – ’18
  • With IWS since ’20

Maggie Chan

Co-Founder & Director

  • Brought up and educated in Hong Kong
  • Previously an operations director at a UK-based fashion group. She has strong technical and operational experience in managing complex projects.
  • Maggie became interested in educational theories after the arrival of her daughter. She has taken short courses in Montessori and Waldorf education in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • In her spare time, Maggie enjoys yoga, meditation, and handcraft.

Sharon Tsui

Co-Founder & Director

Jane Cheung

Admissions & Operations Manager

  • Brought up and educated in Hong Kong
  • A Human Resources veteran at various technology companies, Jane has managed people of a wide range of personalities and functions.
  • Jane became interested in Waldorf education as she searched for a pedagogy that befits her family’s ethos. She participated in a Waldorf early childhood teacher training in Hong Kong.

Ivy Yip

  • Principal of a primary school in Hong Kong.
  • Ivy has over 20 years of experience in teaching and school administration. She also holds master degrees in education, literature, and Christian studies.
  • Ivy is an avid writer of children’s picture books, one of which won an award from Children’s Literature and Culture Association of Hong Kong.

Julie Lam

George Perry

  • Former head of Educational Development at Emerson College UK, a center for Steiner studies.
  • Currently a Senior Educational Associate with Emerson and coordinating its Anthroposophical Foundational Studies program in China.
  • George has over 30 years experience in leading biography workshops and personal development training from an anthroposophical perspective.
  • In his spare time, George likes dancing and collecting crystals.

Graham Kennish

  • Waldorf Steiner teacher with over 45 years of experience.
  • Graham still teaches secondary school Chemistry and Biology main lessons. He travels among Waldorf schools to support class teachers over science and contributes to several teacher training courses. Graham regularly gives talks on Steiner Waldorf education to public and parents.
  • He is also a fully qualified psychotherapist, published author and counsellor.