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Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

To develop in children such power of thought, depth of feeling, and strength of will that they would emerge from their school years as full members of the society, able to meet and transform the world.

Our Mission

We strive to bring Steiner Waldorf education to Hong Kong, so that more children may benefit from the age-appropriate, child-centered, holistic pedagogy derived from the insights of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Children’s education

We offer a rich, diverse, rigorous formal curriculum for children aged 3 and above.

Teacher training

We provide professional training and collaboration opportunities for local teachers and educators.

Parent education

We empower parents and our community with educational resources on child develop to support their caring of the young.

Our Values

Respect & Reverence

We consciously cultivate an attitude of tolerance, respect, and reverence as the basis for all morality and for an atmosphere of social harmony, inclusivity and co-operation. The connection and collaboration that comes from this nurtures individual and community well-being, within which every student unfolds in utmost love and care.

Imagination & Creativity

We believe that students in the primary years are in the stage where their imagination is most active. Whether in science or geography, maths or languages, artistic activities create interest, encourage broader thinking skills and nurture creativity and initiative for tomorrow’s challenges.

Authenticity & Purposefulness

We believe that students learn best when their will, their feelings and their thinking are fully engaged. Such authentic learning brings real knowledge through experience, so that what is spiritual will enter the material, ideas will meet reality in a harmonious way and, as adults, the students will be able to contribute fruitfully to all that is around them.