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Our school has been blessed with tangible and intangible support from the community from the very beginning. Friends helped by contributing their professional knowledge and personal connections; parents participated in readying school facilities; strangers donated useful equipment and fixtures. All these various forms of contribution have helped propel our school forward in its pursuit of excellence and the realization of its missions. We are eternally grateful for the confluence of goodwill and support!

As a private school, we do not receive any funding from the government; we rely on tuition fees to fund our day-to-day operation. At the same time, we strive to make our education as widely accessible to every family as possible within our means. Your donation will help us continue to deliver and promote an excellent education in Hong Kong.

Here are a few areas where we could use your help:

  • Teachers’ continuous professional development
  • Premises and facilities improvement
  • Introduction of Anthroposophy to Hong Kong

Ways to give

We welcome donations of any amount from individuals and organizations. In addition to the above online payment form, these donations can be through direct deposit, cheque, cash, or gifts.

As a charitable organization registered under Section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance, any donation to us above HK$100 will be tax-deductible.

Please contact us by email: info@iwshk.org, or mail your donation to:

Island Waldorf School Limited
G/F 71-77 Smithfield
Kennedy Town
Hong Kong