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The Art of Eurythmy

Eurythmy is a unique feature of the Waldorf pedagogy. It is a formal part of the Waldorf curriculum from grade 1 and up.

Most simply put, eurythmy is a dance-like art form in which music or speech are expressed in bodily movement; specific movements correspond to particular notes or sounds. It has also been called “visible speech” or “visible song”.

Eurythmy helps children cultivate a feeling for the qualities of straight lines and curves, the directions of movement in space (forward, backward, up, down, left, right), contraction and expansion, and color. Eurythmy enhances coordination and strengthens the ability to listen. When children experience themselves like an orchestra and have to keep a clear relationship in space with each other, a social strengthening also results.

Eurythmy is usually taught by a specialist who has been specifically trained in eurythmy, typically for at least four years. In addition to pedagogical eurythmy, there are also therapeutic (“curative”) and performance oriented forms of the art.

We are very happy to be supported by Gabriela Kurmann, a therapist who obtained degrees in Eurythmy Art and Eurythmy Therapy after 6 years of studies in Switzerland. She is especially experienced in working with children. We have been amazed by the transformation of our students in her weekly 1-hour session with them over the past 4 weeks! She will return to Hong Kong in January 2018 and we look forward to having her with us again.

Teacher Ana

Main Teacher for Foundation Year