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Public talks by Graham Kennish

UK Waldorf high school teacher with over 45 years of experience

We are very happy to announce 2 public talks to be given by Graham Kennish, who is one of our School Mentors and will be visiting us this summer.

Graham has been a Steiner Waldorf teacher for 45 years. Nowadays he spends his time visiting a number of schools in the United Kingdom, teaching secondary school Chemistry and Biology main lessons, supporting class teachers over science, and contributing to several teacher training courses, including the London Kindergarten Training Course, where he is a keynote speaker. Graham regularly gives talks on Steiner Waldorf education to public and parents.

Graham is also a fully qualified psychotherapist, published author and counsellor. His two children made him a grandfather and he lives with his partner Jane, who cooks for a residential college with produce from a Biodynamic farm.

Aug 12, 2017 (Sat), 1 to 3 pm


Science Teaching in Waldorf High Schools

A teaching demonstration of 2 topics from Waldorf high school curriculum

Aug 12, 2017 (Sat), 4 to 6 pm


Parenting Teenagers

On the transformation into teenage years, how parents can prepare for it, and how to stay connected

Island Waldorf School

G/F 71-77 Smithfield,
Kennedy Town,
Hong Kong
(MTR Exit C)

The talks are FREE for public

However, we would very much appreciate a donation of $100 or more per person per session to help cover our costs and bring more educational talks to the local community.