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Dental Development and Children’s Health

A new therapeutic approach to dental health and its significance to child’s development

For many years, German Dentist Dr. Claus Haupt has developed the holistic and anthrosposophic approach for the human teeth, and a new approach for assessing children’s health status. His researches in the area of dentologique field have been meaningful and fruitful. These have enriched the field of therapeutic eurythmy for the dental problems immensely.

Gabriela Kurman is a Curative Eurythmist from Switzerland who has studied the special field of Dental Eurythmy.

Gabriela has been a Curative Eurythmist for many years in a Waldorf school as well as a special needs school in Switzerland. Since 2013, she has been supporting schools with Eurythmy and Curative Eurythmy in Hong Kong, Malaysia and recently in Singapore.

Talk on teeth anomalies and their holistic healing

The state of the human being can be said to be condensed and expressed in our teeth and dentition. The formation and the health of our teeth reveal secrets of the basis of our bodily constitution, our way of living, and our state of being.

There are a number of anomalies; most teeth issues can be corrected by braces, but this approach does not address the real weakness and the root problem inherited by each child.

Dr. Claus Haupt, an anthroposophic dentist from Germany, will give an introduction on the holistic anthroposophic approach. In his talk we will learn how teeth are connected with the whole human being, opening a whole new approach.

Cantonese translation will be available.

September 11, 2018 (Tue)


7:30 pm to 10 pm

Island Waldorf School

$220 per person


Through diagnosis, parents will get an overall picture and understanding of the individual’s health conditions and the state of being. Following this diagnosis, parents can opt for Therapeutic Eurythmy as the form of treatment for themselves or/and for their children.

The diagnosis will be conducted by Dr Haupt accompanied by the Curative Eurythmist. This is open to adults and children with specific health concerns. It is not suitable for children who have not yet changed teeth.

Cantonese translation will be available upon request.

Island Waldorf School

September 11-12, 2018 (Tue – Wed)


10 am to 6 pm,
20 minutes per session

$380 per session

Dental Eurythmy Therapy

Eurythmy Therapy has been proven to be very effective in this respect. It works directly with the life-forces. It does not only straighten teeth and correct the different anomalies, it harmonizes the individual as a whole, so that their true nature can shine through.

In the field of curative eurythmy, specific and effective exercises are carried out based on individual diagnosis. This form of therapy often results in profound and lasting improvements to the individual’s state of being, especially amongst children who are in their early phase of development.

This special dental eurythmy brings about clear and demonstrable changes and harmonization. From a dentist’s point of view, after a long practical cooperation, it can be summarized that the dental eurythmy therapy offers great support for the orthodontic dentist, as the patient’s acceptance of the intended treatment increases markedly, the duration of the treatment noticeably shortens, and the risk of recurrence
significantly reduced.

“My niece had to undergo an orthodontic treatment with braces. Unfortunately, the teeth shifted after years of regulation. Therefore, I decided to look for alternative treatment in my son’s case.

“I listened to the lectures of Dr. Claus Haupt. It became clear to me that regulation could only be successful with holistic treatment. In addition, the successful treatment reports of children with Ms Gabriela Kurmann, the curative eurythmist, at our Waldorf school encouraged me.

“Our boy was diagnosed with: Right crossbite, open bite, distal bite. The dentist who gave the diagnosis was a common dentist.

“I had great hope that this would be possible to work with Ms Gabriela Kurmann on the eurthmy therapy. We started with the dental eurythmy therapy and we practiced diligently and consistently. The practice sessions were always our evening ritual and my son was devoted to the exercises.

“Lo and behold, after five epochs (seven weeks each) the crossbite, the open bite, and the distal bite were resolved. I am very happy about that, partly because my son was really strengthened internally by the eurythmy therapy.”

~ Urs & Lynda, parents from Switzerland
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