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Book drive 2017

Help us build our library while giving your outgrown books a home!

We are looking for books that are:

✔  Suitable for 4-12 y.o.
✔  Chinese or English

✘  Coloring & activity books
✘  Textbooks
✘  Magazines
✘  Pages missing or in poor condition

Collection points

Island Waldorf School

G/F 71-77 Smithfield
Kennedy Town (map)

Highgate House School

2/F 100 Peak Road
The Peak (map)

Tree Children’s Lodge

2/F 10 Matheson Street
Causeway Bay (map)

  • Donated books that are unsuitable for IWS students will be donated to other appropriate organizations or recycled.
  • If you wish to be acknowledged as a donor, please leave your name on a removable post-it inside the book. We will list your name that book’s bookplate.
  • For inquiries, please email us at!
A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

– Neil Gaiman