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An Introduction to Waldorf Education

A parent education series
  • How is Waldorf education different from mainstream education?
  • Do Waldorf teachers actually teach anything academic?
  • Why do Waldorf students spend so much time on artistic activities?
  • How can Waldorf education help me as a parent?

An encounter with Waldorf education can lead to a lot of questions and a great deal of discovery!

The Waldorf movement grows out of an impulse to find a healthy way for human beings to interact with each other and come together as a community.  Waldorf schools often boasts a thriving community that enriches, educates, and supports the whole family.

At IWS, we are working hard to develop a set of activities that help parents know more about our school’s ethos and practices. By doing so, we hope to connect our parents to the Waldorf curriculum and create a stronger support system for our students that spans from school to home.

We are now offering a 5 part parent education series to our current and prospective parents as well as the public at large. We welcome anyone who is interested in knowing more about Waldorf education!

9 am to 1 pm

Mar 20, Apr 3, Apr 24, May 8, May 22 (Saturdays)

For public: $2,500 for 5 sessions

For IWS parents: 20% off at $2,000 for 5 sessions

Sessions delivered by Ms Sharon and Nina will be conducted in Cantonese.
Sessions delivered by IWS teachers will be conducted in English.
Translation will be available upon request.

Island Waldorf School

1/F 455 Queen’s Road West,
Sai Wan,
Hong Kong

March 20, 2021, Saturday

Eurythmy and singing.

Session 1 w/ Ms Sharon –
The history of Waldorf education. Introduction to the human being – threefoldness, four bodies, and 12 senses.

Session 2 w/ Teacher Tammy –
Overview of kindergarten education. The development of will. 0-7 yo mode of learning. Rhythm, breathing. Home support.

Session 3 w/ Nina –
Watercolour painting.

April 3, 2021, Saturday

Eurythmy & singing.

Session 1 w/ Ms Sharon –
Child development by stage as informed by Waldorf education.

Session 2 w/ Teacher Mala –
Lower school (Classes 1 to 3): Child development and how the curriculum meets this age group. What subjects do we teach -and why and how. Home support.

Session 3 w/ Nina –
Working with crayons. Form drawing.

April 24, 2021, Saturday

Eurythmy & singing.

Session 1 w/ Ms Sharon –
The four temperaments.

Session 2 w/ Teacher Deepa –
Lower school (Classes 4 to 6): Child development and how the curriculum meets this age group. Subjects – what, why, how? The nine-year change.

Session 3 w/ Nina –

May 8, 2021, Saturday

Eurythmy & singing.

Session 1 w/ Ms Sharon –
“Waldorf” at home. Parenting practices that make for calmer homes. Discipline at different ages.

Session 2 w/ Teacher Philip –
Middle School (Classes 7 to 8): Child development and how the curriculum meets this age group. Subjects – what, why, how? Supporting child through puberty. Transition to upper school.

Session 3 w/ Nina –
Charcoal drawing.

May 22, 2021, Saturday

Session 1 w/ Teachers Mala & Deepa –
Class demonstration. How do grade school children experience the main lesson.

Session 2 w/ Teacher Pinky –
Class demonstration. Introducing the reading and writing of the Chinese language in Cantonese and with traditional characters.

Session 3 –
Q&A and reflection.

We are happy to introduce Nina, a friend of the school, who has been holding group classes for adults and individual lessons for children to experience the therapeutic effect of artistic experiences…

Nina Cheng is an anthroposophical art therapy trainee. She is a lifelong explorer who is deeply interested in human life and soul development. She has received the following trainings in anthroposophy, the source of Waldorf education:

  • 2015-2016: Anthroposophy Foundation Course
  • 2016-2021: Anthroposophical Art Therapist Training
  • 2017 Anthroposophical Psychology Workshop of Trauma by Karla Cryer
  • 2021-2024 Holistic Biography Consultant Training
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Our highest aim must be to develop young people who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.

– Rudolf Steiner