1/F 455 Queen's Road West, Sai Wan, Hong Kong

Awakening at Midlife

A weekend workshop with George Perry, inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, Carl Jung and eastern philosophies

Discovering new meaning and purpose at 35 and beyond

June 23 and 24, 2018 (Saturday and Sunday)


8:30 am to 5 pm

G/F 71-77 Smithfield,
Kennedy Town,
Hong Kong
(3 mins from MTR Exit C)

$980 per person
20% off for IWS parents

A key turning point in life takes place in our late 30s and early 40. Many people face profound questions that challenge existentially their place in the world:

Who am I beyond the many roles I have adopted in life?

Who am I if I strip these masks away?

At the same time this challenge can present important opportunities for real self-development, of coming to who we truly are. We could even say that this midlife crisis is a kind of initiation process. Through owning our own lives, we may find the courage to make changes.

We will take an overview of life’s phases, focusing particularly on the time 35 to 49.

What are the gifts and challenges? What questions rise up and live during this period? How does our individual growth and development impact on questions of vocation; on our personal relationships; and on our sense of self?

We may well come to such questions as:

What is karma, and what is freedom and what is necessity in our life?

What is the future calling us for in our biography?

Can we be open to future possibilities yet remain connected with our past?

Living in past, present and future. The importance of ‘presencing’ – being awake to the moment. From ‘provisional’ self to true Self.

We will consider how to manage conflict and understand the need for change that can arise at this time. What are my conflicts telling me? Do I need to change the situation or change myself? Can we value our shadow and what is so far hidden?

When we value our relationships, we see how others present us with who we are. The journey of a long-term relationships can be experienced as a path of development. The importance of effective communication in relationships. Deeper meeting through respectful listening and speaking our truth.

Each morning theme is introduced through a short talk, followed by an individual and group exercise. In the afternoon, we will deepen the work through artistic activities. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace. Short team games will provide meaningful fun!

Day 1 Day 2
08:30 Singing & verse
Introductions Echo
09:00 The challenges of Midlife:
finding our present questions (talk and group-work)
Midlife transition: crisis or renewal?
appraising our present and future work
10:30 to 11:00 Break
11:00 to 12:15 Looking back: our personal journey so far
(biographical exercise)
… and long-term relationships as paths of development
12:15 to 13:45 Lunch
13:45 to 15:00 Colour exercise: working with imagination Visioning exercise: Moving forward working with intuition
15:30 to 17:00 Individual reflection and work in pairs Individual reflection and plenary review

George Perry is known as a listening, client-centred educator, therapist and coach. Working with organisations, schools and communities as a consultant, he helps leaders and teams to focus on the keys to their positive development. As a therapist, he works with individuals and couples as a biographical counsellor. George has over 30 years’ experience in leading biography workshops and personal development training.

Currently, George is coordinating an Anthroposphical Foundation Studies programme in China on behalf of Emerson College. George is also one of our school’s advisors.

In his spare time, George likes dancing and collecting gem crystals.