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Eurythmy for adults

Discovering and experiencing one’s own Life Energy.

Eurythmy is an expressive movement art originated by Rudolf Steiner in conjunction with Marie von Sivers in the early 20th century. Primarily a performance art, it is also used in education, especially in Waldorf schools, and – as part of anthroposophic medicine – for therapeutic purposes.

Eurythmy engages us with the subtler life energies of our bodies. It sensitises us to experiences which might otherwise go unnoticed. It is life enhancing at every level!

Philip Beaven is the Class Teacher for Class II at Island Waldorf School.

Philip completed a 4-year Eurythmy Diploma in London in 1979. After a short spell teaching children, his interests in the performing arts took over. For 26 years he worked at various times as eurythmist, actor, storyteller, dancer, puppeteer and director touring all over Europe and the US. After co-founding and teaching at the Academy of Living Movement in Vienna in 2003, he rediscovered his love of teaching children and took a class of children from grade 1 through 8 at the oldest Steiner school in the UK. He moved to Hong Kong and joined our school in September 2017.

May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Jun 5, 12, 19, 26, Jul 3
(Wednesdays x 10)


6 – 7 pm

Island Waldorf School

G/F 71-77 Smithfield,
Kennedy Town,
Hong Kong

$1,800 for 10 sessions;
20% off for IWS parents

Max 20 persons

2021.09 Zoran's eurythmy sessions